Saturday, 8 March 2014

Normally I don't use face scrub very often but when I was in LUSH the other week one of the lovely girls in there was telling me about Ocean Salt, and well LUSH is definietly my weakness and I ended up buying it. Ocean Salt is a coconut and lime body and face scrub. Straight away when you open Ocean Salt the gorgeous smell hits your nose straight away, even my boyfriend commented on how good it smelt when he had a look at it. The texture is extremely course on the top as that's where all the salt is, but if you dig into the pot a little more and there's a smoother layer.

My skin is very indecisive at times and depending on the weather it always changes but majority of the time it is very, very dry.  I've only been using it once or twice a week because I was worried it'd be too harsh for my face. But after using this product my skin felt so soft and smooth. Despite the scrubby nature of it, it doesn't feel too harsh because the texture of it is less hard, but more of a grainy texture and you can always scrub more gently if you find the salt crystals a bit painful.

I've been using this for just over a month now and apart from the amazing smell it is also really moisturising and as soon as I put some on my face I can't stop myself from putting it all over my body too,  it's quite expensive to use it this way, but I definietly feel its one of those productst that a little bit goes a long way. I think the smell is divine and if you have definite non-sensitive skin it's worth a try, because it really is a luxurious treat.


  1. Ah I love Lush products, but you're right, they are expensive.

    I usually only buy them as a treat but they do work wonders! x

  2. They are incredibly expensive, I stopped by a store and almost bought this but I couldn't bring myself to spend that much. I need to buy one of these and try it though! x

  3. love the review on this! i am always scouting around face scrubs and i love, love the smell of coconut!--may have to try this out ;)


  4. Think I need to try this, I am yet to find a lush product I dislike and it's always nice to indulge once in a while!:)

    // xx

  5. Great review, think I'm going to have to try this <3

  6. Oooh this looks amazing! I often don't like scrubs because they leave a residue but this one sounds like a winner, goold ol' Lush <3 Claire @ Jazzpad